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Health, safety policy | Environment and sustainability | Community

Health, safety and environmental policy

Essar Steel Minnesota LLC is committed to providing a safe and healthy workplace for its employees, contractors and visitors while conducting its business in a manner that protects our natural environment. Through teamwork, training, communication and shared responsibility, we can realize a vision of a workplace free of injury, illness or environmental incidents. Most importantly, Essar Steel Minnesota LLC ensures continuous improvement in health, safety and environmental performance by creating a culture of employee ownership that goes beyond participation and continued education to one of passionate involvement and leadership. To that end, we strive to involve employees at all levels of the organization in the creation of policies and procedures and seek to ensure that any issues are resolved in a timely manner at the appropriate organizational level.

Environment and sustainability

In order to develop and operate a mine in Minnesota, mining companies are required to complete an Environmental Impact Statement [or study] and obtain environmental permits and approvals which grant permission for the construction and operation of production facilities and final reclamation of the mine site.

Essar Steel Minnesota LLC has obtained all of the major permits and approvals needed to increase pelletizing capacity to 7.0 MTPA. A supplemental Environmental Impact Statement for a 7.0 MTPA iron ore pellet plant was approved by the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources on December 29th, 2011 after undergoing a public review process. In addition to the approval of the supplemental Environmental Impact Statement, the Company obtained an amended Permit to Mine from the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources on April 17th, 2012 and an amended air quality permit from the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency on May 10th, 2012.


In addition to pursuing safe, environmentally sound and sustainable business practices, Essar Steel Minnesota realizes and appreciates its responsibility to give back to the community that supports us in so many ways.

Employees at Essar are committed to giving back to their local communities. Employees regularly volunteer their time and make financial contributions to a range of community organizations. Essar employees are already making contributions to the local United Way, Food Shelf, hospitals, elementary schools, colleges and technical universities and Chambers of Commerce. 

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